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(PAM) Public Awareness Manager
(ISR) Identified Site Registry
(ERPP) Emergency Response Planning Portal

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Paradigm's Public Awareness Manager (PAM) Enterprise platform is a web-based application designed to assist pipeline companies with the documentation and management of regulatory compliance activities. PAM enables your company to organize all public awareness program information and survey data into a centrally located database that enables users to quickly search, view, and manage compliance information.

The Identified Sites Registry (ISR) application allows pipeline operators to gather critical information regarding High Consequences Areas (HCAs).

Many identified sites may be difficult for pipeline operators to obtain without local community knowledge. This online mapping application connects operators with local emergency and public officials to record quality location data near their facilities.

The Emergency Response Portal (ERP) provides operators with a secure, cost effective location from which to publish and distribute their emergency response plans to local emergency response officials. Once identified, the officials are invited to log into the portal and apply for access. Upon approval by the operator, emergency personnel can view and download emergency response plans and local pipeline contact information relevant to operator's assets. Access and distribution of your plan is tracked and documented on your behalf, with custom reports summarizing access and activity for use in audits.